Saturday, August 15, 2009

My Comeback!

Assalamualaikum w.b.t and cheers to ALL,

It's been a while since a last update this blog of mine..been busy with routine life, been juggling from an office worker to a wife, mother and baker..alas here I am...trying to give my touch again ere....

Emmm, let's see what shall i update u, well....I'm not the one with lots of words so let's start with some photos i have here, taken during my "silence" here goes...
These are some of the birthday cakes i made. No. 1 cake was for my grand daughter? hubby was the youngest of his family and his nieces already hve their own children we become the young (??) "atok" and "nenek" of Elisya... Spongebob cake was for my very neighbour sitting next to me in office Zeela for her son Yusuf... and nonetheless the MU fan is also my office mate fr KLS...Aishah...
To all, Happy wonderful birthday (it's late tho), may Allah gives them His blessing and good health...especially now! By the way, i must give credit to my ex office mate, Shashue for the tutorial she gave me over the phone and helpd me out with the gadgets...thx a lot shashue..jasamu dikenang!

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