Monday, August 9, 2010

Salam Ramadhan....

It's just a day away from Ramadhan...and  i wish all muslim 'Selamat Berpuasa, semoga kita diberikan kekuatan iman dan kesihatan dalam menjalani ibadah puasa tahun ini....insyallah... Amin....

This time around i want to share a recipe, it's not mine, and i'm sure lots of u out there have already heard or tasted this yummy buttercream.....just wanna share the link to the 'making of' this smooth and silky IMBC.  The taste, for those who haven't tasted, it tastes like ice cream, not too sweet but just nice...ahhhh sedapnya, my children like it and so as most of the family members (especially my sister yang selalu kata all buttercream are very sweet, simply coz she's the kinda takes her coffee without sugar! lol! ..).

'the making.....'
Made this for my brother's birthday....from all his nephew and nieces..Happy Birthday Pak Lang, semoga diberi kesihatan dan diberkati Allah hendaknya....amin..

Till next post, salam Ramadhan and maaf zahir dan batin dari saya....

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